Centerline Firearms and Safari Hunts is pleased and proud to offer representation for Adamy in the United States. The gunmaking traditions of the Adamy family go back to 1820 making Helmut Adamy and his son Sven the 6th and 7th generations in an un-broken line of craftsmen stretching back more than 180 years.

The present company of Gebrüder Adamy (Adamy Brothers) was founded in 1921 in Suhl, the vibrant heart of German quality gunmaking. Helmut Adamy is a Master Gunmaker and also Master of the Gunmakers Guild of Suhl.

Since each and every Adamy firearm is custom built to the client´s specifications, you can be sure of two things – that it will be of the very finest quality and that no-one else will have one just precisely like it.

Today Adamy specializes in fine quality break-action rifles and shotguns, also manufacturing Drillings and combination guns (Cape Guns).

Centerline Firearms and Safari Hunts urges you to consider the superior craftsmanship of Adamy. Please take a look at some Specifications and Photos of some of their specialties, then contact us to discuss your requirements.