The finest possible quality is essential in high performance firearms, especially with hunting and rimfire rifles that are required to deliver the consistent accuracy expected of an ANSCHUTZ. Target grade barrels and superior action design are part of what you get from the 150 years experience in dedicated gunsmithing art from ANSCHUTZ.

The largest majority of Olympic, World and European champions and over 95 % of all biathletes and countless target shooters all over the world rely on ANSCHÜTZ precision.

Hunters can now benefit from this long experience in world class competition which has been incorporated in our advanced line of hunting repeaters. In the same way automobile manufacturers develop cutting edge technology from Formula 1 racing; all our firearms are produced with the same care, precision and experience that have made ANSCHÜTZ the Rifle of Champions. But of course, tradition is just the beginning. Today‘s shooter and hunter demands the most modern technology – producing the highest level of shooting precision, safety from proven firearms design, reliability from outstanding quality control and advanced materials, and incorporating fine points such as ergonomic stock shapes, offering optimum weight and balance. You can always rely on a first-class ANSCHÜTZ hunting and rimfire repeating rifle. Your ANSCHÜTZ rifle will be your reliable companion at all times with its unbeatable accuracy and functionality. The name ANSCHÜTZ and its firearms are not only history makers, but also trendsetters.

As hunters and shooters at ANSCHÜTZ, our products have long been more than just a daily companion throughout the hunting season – they are the centre of our passion.