Blaser firearmsHunting Quality

Blaser offers active hunters security, scope for physical activity and abundant opportunity to develop their passion.
All Blaser Hunting rifles promote hunting by optimizing…

All Blaser rifles are carried with an uncocked lock. The Blaser manual cocking system allows for rapid, almost soundless activation just before the shot is fired.

Our developments in barrel, lock and trigger technology enable us to shoot much more precisely than our forefathers were able to – provided we are as well-trained.

Blaser rifles are designed to meet extreme and challenging conditions over a long service life. Professional hunters all over the world subject our rifles to endurance testing and every new development is checked for perfect function.

A rifle is truly “huntable” when it is comfortable to carry, balanced and practical.

The complete Blaser model range is modular. Every rifle can be easily taken down, specialized in a variety of ways and equipped to suit your specific requirements. Barrel exchange systems allow for successful hunting in all conditions.